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Although Timothy's Gift was officially founded in May of 2010, the beginnings go back to the summer of 1998 with one man.  Ron Miller, sitting alone, watching a TV program -- one that would change the course of his life.  The Dateline NBC story that warm June evening was about a young man named Timothy Kane. To date, Timothy's Gift has been in dozens of Florida prison chapels and, as God provides the resources, looks forward to expand into all fifty states!



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We at Timothy's Gift are very selective about those presenters we choose to work with. We feel it is very important that those who go into prisons to minister under the auspices of Timothy's Gift are in agreement with our purpose and vision.

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Recent News and Updates

December Tour in the Works: A note from Ron!

Dear Friend, Our next MAJOR tour begins on November 30 (Christmas Tour). The projected budget for this tour will be around $26,000. I just received the following note from an inmate who we “visited” in June, along with a $100 check!!! Please read the note and consider joining him by being a part of our […]


Life is About

Hope Curator Melissa Greene recently posted on the website “A Deeper Story” and her words are simple, profound and true. How easy it could be to remember what life is about…Check it out!! http://deeperstory.com/life-is-about/


Looking Back

Recently, one of the team members that joined Melissa and Ron for the June tour posted Timothy’s full dateline interview from when he was 18. Many of us have seen this but watching it (maybe for the first time or the 100th time) helps re-inspire the reason for so many things. Tim, even at 18, […]